New Trailer Inventory - Fredericton

2020 Deloupe GA48 Log Trailer

Stock #: 004136
Make: Deloupe
Year: 2020
Model: GA48
Type: 4-Tier Log Trailer, Reinforced Loader Ready

Length: 48' x 108''

Axles: 4-Axles
Miscellaneous: Ridewell Suspension, 11R 22.5 Aluminum Rims, Steerable Quad-axle
Lot: Fredericton

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2023 Fontaine Magnitude 55L Plus Float Trailer

Stock #: 5A1588
Make: Fontaine
Year: 2023
Model: Magnitude 55L Plus
Type: Heavy-haul Float Trailer

Length: 26' Deck/ 9' Width

Axles: Tridem with 60" Spreading
Miscellaneous: With or Without Power-Pack, Flip-axle Compatible, 7-Ride Heights Rear-load Bearings, Outside Aluminum Rims, 275/70R 22.5 Tires
Lot: Fredericton

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